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Emanuele Scarabattoli

Web developer and designer

About Me
Me and the code

Hi, my name is Emanuele Scarabattoli, I am a web developer and designer.

My stack is Python, Javascript, Django, React, React Native, Redux, GraphQL and REST. I have an advanced knowledge of CSS and HTML.

I love to create applications that are not only well designed in terms of code architecture, but also with a cool look and UX experience.

Please take a look at my GitHub profile to discover my way of write code.

What I Love Here a list of my favorite technologies and languages that I use every day at work or just to create something new every day
I really love the Javascript and ECMAScript world
Build amazing web applications
React Native
Fast way to build cross-platform mobile applications
For my GraphQL and REST APIs, usually I use Django
To make every kind of interface and design
My Portfolio

Here you can find some of my inventions, you can find a full list of my open-source projects on GitHub.

Double, a CSS framework with dark mode

Double is a responsive pure CSS framework that comes with all you need to implement the dark mode in your site


React Ribbons

A React library to add fancy ribbons to your application


React Top Progress Bar

An useful npm package to display a progress bar on top of your page